Discover Lola, a domestic solution with artificial intelligence to control all connected devices in your home


Access to a greater comfort by controlling your house without any effort

Energy saving

ViVoka allows you to monitor your energy consumption in order to save until 20% of your bill!


ViVoka allows you to watch and control your house from outside, but also to communicate with your alarm and even simulate your presence!

Plug & Play

ViVoka doesn’t need a special and complex installation. You can install all your equipments by yourself, in one afternoon and very easily.

Voice recognition

Interact in the most intuitive way to your house. Using a voice recognition system, ViVoka analyses your commands and executes them for you!

3D Cartography

Visualize from your smartphone, tablet or computer your house in 3 dimensions and switch all your equipments with only 1 click!

A home REALLY smart

ViVoka allows you to program events based on several parameters. Hence, you can ask ViVoka to turn on the heater to keep the house at 18°C or to prepare your bath everyday at 8 pm!


ViVoka is compatible with the main common protocol of home automation like Zigbee, ZWaves, EnOcean, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and so on. This allows you to control all the connected devices that you need!

Partnerships / Compatible brands

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